Because I'm a subtext whore. *grins* I've been watching the first episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and episode 3 definitely settled Sarah/Cameron as canon.x D Yeah, and don't you try to tell me that robots blabla and that I always see what's not there because I am not the only one, you losers! xD

Anyway, here's a list of my top shows of all time (just because I've been arguing about the best ones recently and because I have so many that it's getting hard to remember). No numbers, because that'd be too hard (LOL, I've said hard. xDD I'm sleepy-silly.):

Six Feet Under: It'll always be one of my top TV shows. It's not only its drama perfection, character development, relationships and plots but also its amazing picture, the way it's shot, the music and the end of the series. The best end I'm sure I'll see on a television show ever.

Queer as Folk (USA): This is one of the series that you will watch once and again, never getting tired of it. It may seem a common story at first but it's told in a way that makes the tiniest detail special, that makes you think about the daily life, pure philosophy. And then there's Brian 'God' Kinney. He's the heart and soul of the series and he so deserves everything that's been written about him (the good stuff, at least).

Farscape: Beyond the first season (that's just fine for the first time viewer), Farscape has been awesome for the most part of its episodes. There isn't one single episode you could say is bad and most of them are just mind-blowing. When you don't think you could be surprised with this series they go and BOOM! Big dammed crackastic surprise. =D And there's the John/Aeryn too. Like I'd read before seeing it: An example for how to make a relationship interesting without spliting them up every two minutes. Theis chemistry is amazing and both of them are great characters (Aeryn, ohh, my Aeryn ♥ , what wouldn't I do for you?). But that's not it. Everyone, and I mean, absolutely everyone, should watch Farscape.

Babylon 5: I can't say much about B5, since I haven't been able to watch anything beyond the middle of the third season. But so far it seems one of the series with best plot, best character and story development and a great script. It doesn't have special effects as pretty as more recent shows, but it doesn't matter. I don't wanna spoil anyone so I won't talk about the plot but, if you start watching it, trust me, it doesn have a main plot and it is great and I mean GREAT.

Battlestar Galactica: Well, I won't say BSG is perfect, I won't say its plot is flawless (because it's not, in fact it has pretty deep holes xD) or its characters are always in character and make sense all the time. It's a drama show in space. It does have great characters but the writers forget sometimes what moves them. It does have a great story and some great twists on the script but sometimes it's not well done and sometimes there are episodes you don't know what are for or just seem to be filling time (season 3, hello?). But, anyway, it's the show that's made me fangirl more than anyone (before or after it) and kept me more hanged and wanting to know what'll happen next. Right now, I couldn't live without it so, with all its mistakes and everything, it deserves a place here.

Sports Night: My first show. The first one I wanted to follow on TV and that made me squee and love both its characters and actors (now Peter Krause and Felicity Huffman are two of my favourite actors). It's got a great script full with jokes, stupid conversations, love and sports, of course! Sadly it only got to two seasons, making a total of 45 20-minutes episodes. Dan, Natalie, Dana, Casey, Isaac, Jeremy, Kim, Elliott, Chris, Dave, Will...

Star Trek: Ok, here I won't try to convince anyone that's the best series ever because it's a universe only for a few. For me, it's the music, stories, adventures, aliens, characters sometimes (although my favourite are not in the main cast) and the spirit, the Gene Roddenberry spirit. It's comforting, it makes you dream of other worlds and it never dissapoints you because you know exactly what you will find (although, of course, there are some episodes more funny and some more boring).

There are, of course, a bunch of other series that can make my day (Friends, Dexter...) but I wouldn't include them in the top 5 I would take with me to a desert island.

Bajo el cut está una especie de top de mis series, explicaciones otro día. Ya que estoy aquí, no obstante, quería comentaros (que con esto de la crisis parece que se contagia xD) un par de formas de ganar dinero o conseguir cosas gratis vía internet:
· Por una parte está Netquest, un portal donde te registras y te mandan encuestas a tu cuenta de correo electrónico cada cierto tiempo (eliges cada cuánto quieres que te lleguen pero mi consejo es que pongas el máximo y luego las ignores si no te apetece hacerlas), te dan puntos al completar las encuestas y más tarde puesdes canjear esos puntos por regalos (películas, entradas de cine, juegos, pequeños utensilios como una web-cam, etc.); está comprobado que funciona y sólo por registrarte te dan una peli gratis.
· Luego está el famoso Trivago (pinchad el enlace en mi perfil, por favor): Una web de turismo donde puedes opinar sobre hoteles, subir fotos, comentar atracciones turísticas y una infinidad de cosas relacionadas y por las que te pagan dinero. Esto aún no lo he comprobado ya que el mínimo de cobro son 25€ y todavía no llegué a ellos pero parece bastante legal y funcionar bien (y, dentro de lo malo, estarás haciendo algo útil para la gente).
· [ profile] aitnac nos contaba el otro día cómo hacer un poquito más de dinero fácil, lo que parece una buena idea y que puede funcionar bien y por probar no pasa nada... Deberíais pasaros por allí.
· El otro día encontré en una revista una dirección con enlaces a promociones donde te dan pequeños regalos que está interesante, al menos para echar un vistazo de vez en cuando, porque si no yo no me entero de nada de esto.
· Y, por último (y antes de irme corriendo a comer), [ profile] _nereis_ contaba por aquí cómo te puedes sacar 22 fotos impresas gratis de lo que quieras.

Espero que haya sido constructivo, ¡ya me contáis!
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