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( Sep. 12th, 2008 01:33 am)
These days I've been in the mood for reading fanfiction, specially about Battlestar Galactica. But there's a problem and it's that there's too much fic out there and so little time (and, also, I only follow a couple of characters and pairings so I'm not aware of the places or stuff about how to find what I want) so if you could give me some good BSG fic recs I'd be really grateful.
Particularly I'm looking for Roslin/Lee lovers fic (and if it was a happy fic with no allusions to Adama, it'd be awesome).
And if you have any idea about good fics involving Anders, Natalie, Racetrack or the Tighs, it'd also be appreciated! ^^

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I'll also start reading some Sports Night and Dexter fic, so comments about Casey/Dana, Dana/Natalie, Dan/Abby, Dan/Casey (preferable not slashy), Dexter/Brian, Deb/Lundy would be great.
(Oh, I almost forgot: Any Shane/Cherie will always be more than welcome!)

Sí, últimamente me vendería por buenos fics así que si me podéis recomendar alguno de los siguientes fandoms y personajes, os lo agradecería con un millón de ositos de peluche virtuales =D :
BSG (Roslin/Lee, Anders, Racetrack, los Tigh, Natalie)
Sports Night (Casey/Dana, Dana/Natalie, Dan/Abby, Dan+Casey)
Dexter (Dexter+Brian, Deb/Lundy)
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 06:12 pm)
Pues nada, que como cierta personita no quiere poner en su entrada uno de los mejores vídeos que he visto, pues me obliga a hacer mi propia entrada copiándole vilmente la mitad de sus vids seguramente.

Seguramente los enlaces a youtube vayan caducando pero es lo que hay con los fanvids. De todas formas, todos los que ponga aquí los tengo guardados así que si os interesa alguno y no está por ahí, dadme un toque. ;)

If youtube links are broken, just give me a call and I'll upload find a way for you to be able to see the vid (in a totally legal way).

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