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( Mar. 6th, 2008 12:36 pm)
Not only recs, but all the fics about her/with her that I've found out there (in English). Help to complete the list will be more than welcome. :)

I still have to add some fics I have in my hard drive but I'm posting this now to get rid of it. xD I'll post the final list in [ profile] mfthiefofhearts when I'm done with everything I know.

Oh, and probably some other sunny day* I'll make an entry with real recs. Or another list about Cain stuff. Or about someone.

To the list )

* Yeah, first day in a week that's sunny and I'm here geeking rather than runnig (what I should have done 2 hours ago) but I'm a lazy-ass. No surprise there. Besides, I still have tomorrow to run... xDD Or later.

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