As some of you may know, I started watching Stargate SG-1 back on December. I almost instantly fell in love with it, with them (Jack and Sam above anyone else) and I've been watching it since. I'm now around the middle of season 7 (I never thought I'd take it so quick) and both the series and Carter (I've loved her from almost the beginning, she's just so cute and shiny it's hard not to like her, right?) have made me take a second look at the woman behind. Whatever. The thing is I'm a brand and new Amanda Tapping fan. Which is both awesome and frustrating (since she lives in Canada and is married and with a child xD).

So, this translates into me wanting more AT screen-time in my room: Any recomendations besides Stargate and Sanctuary? I took a look at her filmography but most of it didn't ring a bell so I have no idea if there's something as awesome as SG-1 around worth looking for.

Ya voy por la mitad de la temporada 7 de Stargate (SG-1) y en una semana probablemente esté empezango SG Atlantis también (y aunque eso signifique que se me van acabando las dos series, y sobre todo SG-1, que la adoro; tengo ganas de ver cómo es SGA por los personajes y la trama sobre todo). Piqué Sanctuary cuando oí hablar de ella y me gustó un poco al principio, después hubo algún capítulo que no me emocionó tanto pero ahora me estoy acabando la 1ª temporada y pienso seguir con ella, aunque sólo sea por ver todas las criaturas nuevas e historias que se les ocurren (y por ver a Amanda como Helen Magnus ♥ , claro).

La cuestión es que me he convertido al fandom de Amanda Tapping y quería saber si tenéis alguna recomendación de cosas que haya hecho ella (aparte de Stargate y Sanctuary, claro).

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Vaya rapidez en pulirte las temporadas de SG-1 (en dos días -literalmente hablando- te acabas la serie!! xxxD). Tengo dos series sci-fi pendientes por ver, SG1 y Farscape (muchas gente de mi flist -incluida tu- es fan, y me fío de vuestras recomendaciones ;)). De SG Atlantis no me han hablado tan bien (había gente bastante cabreada con el final, creo...).
Y eso sí, no tengo recomendaciones de Amanda Tapping -que solo la he visto en SG-1- (a ver si cuando vea la serie yo también me convierto en devota seguidora!! ;)).

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xDD Lo sé. Pues aún así me considero "moderada" porque la gente por ahí se anda acabando series enteras en una semana... Pero es que SG-1 engancha mucho. Al menos a mí. Eso sí: Tienes que verte la peli antes que la serie porque yo me la vi después y no me gustó tanto como a la gente que la vio antes (porque, claro, la peli fue de unos años antes y con distintos actores).

Yo tengo ganas de ver Atlantis más que nada porque hay gente que dice que es mejor que SG-1 (aunque la opinión más generalizada creo que es la contraria) y luego están los personajes, que parecen tener mayor fandom también (aunque también puede que sea que como acabó hace nada todavía están con la fiebre).

Si no te igual empezar por una u otra, yo te diría que primero te tienes que ver Farscape, porque es de lo más esencial que hay. Y, además, llevan tiempo hablando de sacar unos webisodes "que expandan el universo Farscape", así que con suerte la acabas para cuando se decidan. ;)

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Sip, desde luego eres "moderada" (tengo una amiga que se ha tragado toda BSG en tres semanas, ahí es nada o_o). Yo soy bastante obsesiva, pero intento controlarme xxD. Y no he visto la peli de SG, aunque todo el mundo dice que está realmente bien (te haré caso y la veré primero).

Ya irás contando sobre SG Atlantis (a mi las opiniones que me han llegado son las que dicen que es mejor SG-1).

Me apunto lo de ver primero Farscape que, es verdad, es todo un clásico.

Por cierto, qué gracia el icon :D

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Lo sé pero es que OMG, cuando lo vi, con lo que me había fijado ya (en Sanctuary, porque en SG-1 tenía que fingir acento americano) tuve que hacerlo mío. ¡Es que tiene un acento que flipas! (Mezcla de canadiense e inglés.) ♥

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She was interesting on the webseries bit of Sanctuary, but I haven't seen the TV version yet. But she was also on SGA for some time, being all leaderish and stuff.

(Hey, it's [ profile] disturbed_muse using my new fandom LJ now. *waves hi*)

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How many webisodes were there? Because the site she talked about ( looks to be down (or doesn't exist at all). I'm watching the TV series and I've just found the first 3 webisodes, which seem to be the first version of the pilot episode or some kind of beginning for the story.

Yeah, I know about SGA, I'm about to see her there now. =D (I believe she's even more pretty with long hair and all, huh?)

Hey, so... Are you changing LJ? Should I add this one or remove the old one?

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I think I still have the webisodes on file. If I have time, I could upload them all to sendspace or something and send them over. Yeah?

I like spiky!Sam hair. The short kind that seems fun to tug on. *laugh* I haven't seen a single episode of SGA, but, uh, Teyla is hot. Seriously.

The old one's gonna be for RL stuff, mostly. It's hard flocking most of my entries because RL friends don't know I'm gay. So, I'm just being more cautious now.

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That'd be awesome! I dw from youtube 3 webisodes which make about 50 minutes of film. It ends with Helen, Will and the monkey-man driving a car and turning to the left. I've just seen there are a few more on youtube (how many were there?). I wouldn't like to trouble you if I can get all of them there. ;)

I never liked that kind of haircut but Carter is so loveable that I end up loving everything about her! *lol*

Oh, so the new one is gonna be publicly gay-friendly? I'm gonna add it.

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Alrighty, then. I'll go search through my old files and see if I can yank them out from somewhere.

The thing about Amanda Tapping is that she's pretty. But as Sam Carter, she has her butch moments and I really like the contrast of that. So, spiky!Sam is perhaps my favorite.

Yep. Add away.

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Nice icon, and very very apt. :P

I <3 Amanda tapping, and I really can't decide between the blond and brown (which is really odd for me because I LOVE dark haired women).

Oh, and I get to go see AT4!!! ^_^

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You can't decide? Although I love Helen, I kinda see her a bit weird as a brunette. I didn't understand until I read she's a natural blonde. Also, I'm used to see her as Carter so... But definitely with long blonde hair would be my favourite.

You go to AT4? Have to gone to any of her events before? I'd like to go but, heh, I have no idea what I'll be doing in November. (Hopefully I'll be living in London. xDD)

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Now see, I love her look as Helen, it's just like what I'd tend to wear. She's butchtastic as a spikey blond though. So yeah, I'll take Manda anyway I can get her. :P Maybe she'll go red next!

*nods* I'm going with my girlfriend. A good friend of ours got us tickets when they went back on resale. It's kind of a birthday/early christmas/moving/wedding present all in one. :P And no I've never been to one. I was meant to go to dragon con but I got sick. *sighs* Ohh, you're moving to London? I'm moving to Leeds!

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Please, don't me make me picture her as a redhead (torture!). *_* No, no, blonde is enough for me and just the right colour for her. Red would be mindblowing (at the least) and she shouldn't be allowed to do it.

Dragoncon is on the States, right? Where are you living now, if I may?

About me and London: it's more a hope than a project right now, but I'd love to.

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Hee, I bet she'd kill everyone with hawtness with the red. Though I'm not sure she could get to it now, without killing her hair with chemicals.

DC is in Atlanta, Georgia. About three hours away from me. I'm from Alabama.

Well good luck! If I can make it to Leeds then I know you can make it to London. *hopes it all goes smoothly for us both*

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